Insights & Impetus on Artists & Cultural Adventures in Portland

About Portlandesque

Portland teems, oozes with fantastical people working in their unique form in every nook and cranny…sometimes you hear about what they are doing, too often you don’t.   With Portlandesque you’ll read about the people who make Portland a cultural vortex and how they are all intertwined.

I am inspired to tell those stories.

Over the past few years, I have been lucky enough to cross paths with oodles of Portland people (not only “artists”) who emanate artistic intention, drip creativity and whose various art forms continue to echo in my soul.  With these creative spirits, I’ve done marketing, PR, project managed, produced, volunteered, taken workshops, and witnessed their work come alive for the public or just while talking with them about their dreams over coffee.

Sharing those dreams is what this blog is about.

I’ll be honest. Like most of us, I’m still trying to find my niche. The idea of blogging and reading my very own voice scares me – but, I’ve had lots of encouragement. This blog is a baby step. I guarantee regular readers that you’ll watch it transform…into what I’m not sure.

But, I am willing to leap.

How do I find these people and events to write about? Well, I’ve been around. After years of seeking a container, I’ve come to call myself a “Visibility Strategist.” Essentially that means I’m a consultant for brand development, marketing and PR for individuals, non-profits, events and businesses, with an emphasis in community and the Arts.  As passionate creative thinker, compulsive connector, design muse, strategic inductor, goal conductor and persuasive writer, “Visibility Consultant” barely contains the scope. But, we can start there.

Are you willing to trust me?

If you are willing to artistically explore and learn about local Art contributors from my viewpoint, from underbelly pieces to the superstar stages, from the freakshows to the festivals, keep reading. I intend to give readers some direction on how to navigate the arts scene, show the interconnectedness that makes Porltand so unique, shine a light on who to look and listen for and their stories. The people, places and events I write about are completely unsolicited; further, they are exclusively my opinion. From me, you’ll get background and texture from a personal perspective, but especially I want to share the dreams of what Portland artists hope to create…for the themselves and for us all.

 If you are up for a frenetic ride, this blog is for you.

 To all things Portlandesque,


 P.S. You’ll also have to put up with my fervent enthusiasm, creatively punctuated run-on sentences, make-up words (like Portlandesque…I’ve been using it for years) and my over-use of the exclamation point, parenthesis and ellipses!

 P.P.S.  Want to tell me about you? Please, send me an email, I love meeting new people! nicolealane@comcast.net


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