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Why start this blog?

Posted by Nicole Lane on 05/13/2009

A solid question…one I’ve been ruminating on for over a year.

Portland is oozing, teaming, erupting with insanely brilliant creatives and somehow I’m lucky enough to keep meeting them. Whether they are performers, musicians, poets, artists, photographers, writers, chefs, film makers, philosophers, community organizers, non-profit administrators with a just cause or just random people with a gleam in their eye, I get sucked in by their magical powers of enthused passion and…well…I want to do what honestly comes naturally…share.

I guess, loosely, that’s what this blog will be:
Stories about people I meet, why they inspire me, what they are up to.

If this is of interest to you, please subsribe to the RSS feed or check back to read about my adventures with Portland…


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